Desire (Concept DJ Sets Based on the Movies Before Sunrise & Before Sunset)

I created these two DJ sets years ago, when I was a hopeless romantic and felt grooves from deep within my soul. The movies, Before Sunrise and Before Sunset, appealed to the romanticism that helped sustain me in those dark years - from 2010 to 2014. In watching those movies I had imagined what it would be like if I had created the music score. What songs would I use for my favorite scenes. I did just that. From those movies I pulled sound samples that, when interlaced with selected deep and soulful house music track - the result is a homage of sorts, to these movies, which for me represents the journey lovers take to the realization that they're soulmates.

Over the years I've created hundreds of DJ sets with music tracks that, in hindsight, were disposable, holding no special value. But these two sets have held up and I find myself going back and listening to them from time to time.

Take a listen and hear for yourself.

A Night in Vienna

1. Intro - Jesse & Céline Train to Vienna
2. Good Guy Mikesh - Milk & Honey
3. Zoo Look - Holdin' On
4. Interlude - Jesse & Céline Phone Convo
5. Blue Six - I Tried to Tell You
6. Aybee - In Every Way ft. Omega
7. Interlude - Jesse & Céline Other World
8. Black Coffee - Juju ft. Zakes Bantwini
9. Boddhi Satva - Stop Jealousy ft. Ze Pequino (Culeo De Song's Kamnguni Remix)
10. Alex Niggemann - Jewels (Fritz Zander Beats Remix)
11. Interlude - Jesse & Céline Tonight Only
12. Anané - Terra Longe (Antonello Coghe & Filipe Narciso Dreaming Cabo Remix)
13. Interlude - Jesse & Céline Sex at Night in a Park
14. dOP - Your Sex (Paul Ritch Remix)
15. Alex Niggemann - Lately
16. Argy - What Time is it?
17. Interlude Jesse & Céline Au Revoir Vienna
18. Kaine - Love Saves the Day ft. Kathy Diamond (Original Mix)


An Afternoon in Paris

1. Intro - Jesse & Céline Bookstore in Paris
2. Cantoma - Dix Vertes
3. Sundae - Xhosa Tribe ft. Nomhle (Sundae's Originally Effected Mix)
4. Interlude - Jesse & Céline Magic in the Universe
5. Soho 808 - Just to See
6. Marc O'Tool - I Know
7. Passarani & Sacco - Flora
8. Interlude - Jesse & Céline Magic in the Details
9. Sasha & James Teej - Night Track (M.A.N.D.Y. Remix)
10. Riva Starr - More (KiNK Remix)
11. Planningtorock - Living It Out (Billy Lock Remix)
12. Interlude - Céline on Fire
13. Clouds - Optic
14. Terence Fixmer - When The Earth
15. Interlude - Jesse's Dreams
16. Mario & Vidis - In My System ft. Kathy Diamond
17. Interlude - Céline's Song
18. Cevin Fisher - Put Your Body Into It
19. Interlude - Jesse & Céline Tea Time
20. Saag - Rose Rouge (2009 Jazz Perspective)

On a final note I need to point out that I have no plans on making an additional DJ set to go along with Before Midnight.