Night (DJ Set of Deep Dark Techno)

I've driven over countless desolate roads, winding through ghost towns and vast empty space.

On those long drives all I did was think.

This Dj set is to the ear what the stark loneliness of the road was to my soul and my heart. As it was to my mind.

A mind filled with memories of a life that no longer exists, where I faced illness and I faced death. I dealt with heart breaks. 

Since then, that desert road of night has ended in Texas and my arriving at a place of joy and peace.

Now, no more thoughts, no more memories, no more fear.

I'm at a place of joy - I'm now home.

This DJ set was inspired by experiences outlined in this blog post, The Desert Road of Night.

Track List

1. Space Frog - (X-RAY) Follow Me (Sternenwelt Edit) - INTRO
2. Linkwood - Love Lost (Karma of Dove Edit)
3. Sven Weisemann - Elution
4. Yokto - Devadatta (Karma of Dove Edit)
5. INIT - Blackbird (Cliff Lothar Remix)
6. Dream Weapons - Moonland (Jens-Uwe Beyer Remix)
7. Sven Weisemann - Nijo (Karma of Dove Edit)
8. Vermont - Majestät (DJ Tennis Edit)
      Beginning of Karma of Dove Loopocalypse
9. Reno Wurzbacher - The Love You Got (Sven Weisemann Closeness Mix)
10. Sven Weisemann - Icaria
11. Manuel Tur - 121 BPM
12. DJ Deep & Roman Poncet Present Adventice: Extraction - Extracapsular Extraction
13. Space Frog - (X-RAY) Follow Me (Sternenwelt Edit) - OUTRO