Eduardo Colón bought a Nikon F3 to photograph the street artist that ruled New York City's subway system and paddle ball courts back in the day.


He lost his camera while on deployment in Operation Desert Storm in 1991.

Eduardo is a veteran of the First Gulf War.

After his gulf war service Eduardo came home and began his work as a techno/rave DJ, playing out in various underground spots that defined New York City's hedonistic night life in the early 1990s.

It was also during this time period where Eduardo began attending open mic readings through out Manhattan's East Village and Lower East Side. He has work published in small literary journals of the day and also one adapted for performance at the Nantucket Short Play Festival in August 2000.

In 1995 he quit all of his artistic work to take up a job as a technology consultant. In that role he thrived.

That all changed on 9/11.

For the longest, New York City was home. 

It no longer was.

He returned to his love for writing and photography and music to help deal with the aftermath. In 2010 he created the blog Karma of Dove where he shared his work of the day. Karma of Dove is taken from Jack Kerouac's 2nd Chorus in Mexico City Blues, where he wrote:

Wild Men
Who Kill
Have Karmas
Of ill
Good Men
Who Love
Have Karmas
Of dove

At one point in his life, during his military service, Eduardo was that wild man. In 2010, Eduardo became determined to focus on art, on the good in life, to nurture the Good Man he now was.

There was a moment when felt like home; New York City was no longer the New York City he knew and the big space in Lower Manhattan's skyline only reminded him of that moment in history when life changed for every one.

For a number years Eduardo drove back and forth across the country, with his camera.

Eduardo Colón - Desolate Angel New Mexico March 2013  

Eduardo Colón - Desolate Angel
New Mexico March 2013

 He found home was Texas.

Galveston, Texas January 2015

Galveston, Texas
January 2015

Eduardo now lives in the metropolitan Houston area where he continues to write, take pictures.

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Every once in a while, he'll publish a DJ set of deep house music. Now, he's also a powerlifter and devotes his day to building a strong body.

Strong body equals strong mind. Eduardo is as happy as ever.

Deadlift Eddie Houston, Texas October 2016

Deadlift Eddie
Houston, Texas
October 2016